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ADIKON was founded in 2011 by Adam Canecki. Our innovative and dynamic approach results in a broad portfolio of completed interesting construction projects, which we are proud to present.
We specialise in designing reinforced concrete structural systems and steel structures in the field of general construction engineering, as well as residential and industrial construction.
Designing particular structural systems, we co-operate with a number of renowned companies operating in related disciplines, such as geotechnical engineering, fire safety and modern fixation & mounting technologies.
Moreover, our company uses specialised software for the purposes of designing building structures.

Our team consists of qualified structural engineers, who approach each project task in an individual manner and with due diligence.

We make a lot of effort so as to provide the most professional and the highest quality service in terms of civil engineering and structures. The company's main aim is to satisfy the most demanding architectural offices, general contractors, developers and individual clients. Our designs are based on reliable documentation, detail precision and meeting specific deadlines. We constantly strive to raise the standard of our services.

Our office holds professional civil liability insurance at Ergo Hestia Insurance Company, whereby the liability limit amounts to EUR 300,000.

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